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Miguel Alpendre

6 de junho de 2014

Conventional Lathe Taiwan---Your only choice for the conventional lathe; Precise, Rigid and Competitive Price

Dear Sir:




It is our pleasure to have contact with you

Conventional lathe Taiwan are one of the most professional conventional lathe manufacture from Taiwan who focus on the small to medium size of conventional lathe; Our Products is well known in Taiwan as well as in the world

Now we are looking for global cooperation

We hope we can create a win-win situation for both sides in the near future via our cooperation


The following is our brief product introduction just for your reference


A: Simple Product line

Only 2 types of our machines:

1.      High Speed Precision Lathe

2.      Inverter Transmission Lathe


1.      High quality

2.      Short delivery

3.      Fast Parts supply

4.      Competitive price


B: Products Specifications

I: High Speed Precision Lathe

Swing over bed: 430~760 mm

Distance between centers: 560 mm~ 4300 mm

Spindle bore: A---58/ 80(op) mm; B---85 mm; X---85/120(op) mm

Bed width: A---300 mm; B---350 mm; X---400 mm


II: Transmission Inverter Lathe

Swing over bed: 430~520 mm

Distance between centers: 560 mm~ 2000 mm

Spindle bore: 58~80 mm

Bed width: 300 mm


C: Product Advantage:

1.      FAG or SKF precision bearing installed on spindle

2.      Maximum cutting depth: 8 mm( 50 mm diameter)

3.      Best Roundness: 3 micron( 200 mm long)

4.      Equipped with a plastic rear , shafts and gears inside head stock are well protected if crush occurred( A series)

5.      Universal gear box for both imperial and metric thread conversion table also attached

6.      Tracks of cross slide and bed are well lubricated with lubrication pump( manual)

7.      Overload device to ensure safety when operating

8.      Wear resistant phosphor bronze lead screw nut

9.      Durable reservoir oil bath type cross( s series)

10. Thermal treated MEEHANITE bed casting

11. One-piece base for high rigidity and low vibration

12. High capacity coolant tank offers sufficient coolant output

13. All series certified for CE



Of course, as long as you have any kind of lathe inquiries, we definitely can fulfill your needs.


We do believe our products can fit your niche market and create a prosperous vision for all of us

Should you need our service, please feel free to contact us


Sincerely Yours, We remain


Amy Chen


Sales Manager

Conventional lathe Taiwan




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2 de maio de 2014

YF INDUSTRY—Your All kinds of Special Stainless Alloy Parts, Tools maker from Taiwan—High quality, accuracy and competitive price


Hi There


Nice to meet you


YF Industry –The most professional leading investment castings companies in Taiwan;

specializes in the manufacturing of investment castings in all air melted alloys including:

  • stainless steels,
  • special heat and wear resistant alloys
  • And non ferrous alloys.

As long as your industry needs related to the followings

  • Defense
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Marine
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • General Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pump and Valve

We are your first priority to choose


For more information;

Please check the following YouTube hyperlink to see more information




The following is our company profile for reference


YF Industry is a unique company in the sense that it is capable of producing air melted alloys to specific and individual customer needs. It is no surprise then that the YF Industry foundry is known not only for its ability to produce high integrity investment castings, but also for the fact that it is done to exact specifics and is tailor-made to customer requirements.

Our highly qualified and experienced metallurgical team works from state-of-the-art spectrographic and laboratory facilities to provide:

  • quality control,
  • design optimization,
  • testing
  • and chemical analysis for consistent quality

YF Industry has the benefit of a strong research and development base with more than 20 years' experience in Rapid Prototype (RP) Casting manufacturing and has been the technical development partner in many joint university and research institute programs.

An in-depth knowledge of the investment casting process, combined with extensive application experience and above average metallurgical applications expertise, enables YF Industry to assist customers with design and material selection ensuring a quality casting that meets the application requirements.




YF Industry establish a centre of service excellence for customers

YF Industry is an ISO 9001:2008 and TUV, DNV, and TVE certificate from Japan,



1.     Mold flow analysis Equipment

2.     Ferrite measuring instrument

3.     Spectrometer

4.     ROCK-WELL hardness tester

5.     Universal material testing machine

6.     Impact testing machine

7.     Supersonic equipment

8.     Others



B: ACCURACY achievement



Dimensional Tolerance


Size( mm)





































Angle tolerance:±1/2°





1. 100 Tons/Month

2. Production size: 0.005~80 KG

3. Maximum casting dimension: 600 x 600 x 800 mm( L X W X H)

4.    Material Available for Casting

Stainless steel, Tool Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Nickel-based alloy, and alloy steel of other special material


Please check the following YouTube hyperlink to see more information


D: Business Ideology

Our success in these industries can be attributed to the investment casting process which is ideally used where;

  • close casting tolerances are required,
  • intricate and complex shapes are cast reducing or, in some cases, negating the need for machining
  • where superior finishes are required, particularly in the use of carbon steel
  • due to high costs or difficult to machine alloys, machining should be avoided or minimized
  • changes in material specification due to prototyping or sampling may be required
  • good strength to weight ratios are required for example where thin sections are to be cast in light alloys

repeat orders or batch delivery is required investment casting is ideal due to low tooling costs and the longevity of the wax injection dies, the result is shorter turn-around times and an ultimate cost saving.


E: Sales Fields

So far we have lots worldwide customers, including Japan, Taiwan, and China...etc

Now YF Industry is looking for global partnership

We hope we can provide you the best quality with high accuracy and competitive price, so we can create a win-win situation for both sides


F: Future cooperation

Please offer us your samples and drawings to precede the future cooperation



Sincerely Yours, we remain


Marketing Team



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8 de abril de 2014

DK Machinery Taiwan---The only one who can provide you a custom-made, Two Rams, Vertical lathe (Swing up to 6.0 Meter)---Agent Wanted


Dear Sir:


Nice to meet you

It will be our pleasure to have a long term partner like you in the near future

Please check our brief introduction for you


DK Machinery Taiwan is the only one who can provide you a custom-made , Tow Rams, vertical lathe, turning swing up to 6.0 Meter


Please check our company profile for your reference


Company profile

DK Machinery has been specialized in double column machine manufacturing for years. DK Machinery was built up in 2004 and settled in Taichung County, Taiwan, where the center of machine industry is

DK Machinery mainly supplies various machine centers and vertical machine centers involve double column crossrail movable machine center, plano milling machine which is with horizontal side milling head supporter, etc.

As an experienced manufacturer of machining center, DK's professional technologists, for example, our design and research department is experienced since they have been working decades in this industry. We always develop our skill and know-how to provide expert service to our customers. 

Please check the following YouTube to see our company profile



Product Line


A: DK - Double Column Crossrail Movable Type Machine Center

X axis Travel: 4150~6150 mm

Y axis Travel: 2800 mm

Z axis travel: 600(800~1000) mm

Working Table Size: 4000 x 2100 ~6000 x 2100 mm

Maximum Load Weight: 13,000~17,000 KG

The Double Column Cross rail Movable Machine Center is with cross-rail upon-down could be moved upon the height of working piece to increase the efficiency of machining, save the production cost and enlarge the production range. Both cross rail and column were equipped with hydraulic locking system ensure the cross rail and column matched closest, high rigidity and high accuracy.



B: DS - Double Column Crossrail Fixed Type Machine Center

X axis Travel: 4150~6150 mm

Y axis Travel: 2300~3300 mm

Z axis travel: 800 mm

Working Table Size: 4000 x 1700 ~6000 x 2550 mm

Maximum Load Weight: 10,000~22,000 KG


Stabilized structure of the DS double column machine center is with fixed type cross-rail which is with strong structure, keeping the excellent verticality and parallelism even though long period operation. Furthermore, stabilized cross-rail offers the best parallel stabilization to support the weight of spindle and headstock and simplified maintenance.



C: DL - Planomiller Machine Centers

The Double Column Plano miller cross rail movable enables the optimum machining of a variety of work-pieces. Each CNC plano milling machine depends on customer's work configuration. It is unnecessary to add a basement in normal work-piece. The vertical-travel include from the table surface to the highest of the column's limitation (the Spec depends on our machine type).



D: DV-3000 Vertical Lathe

Maximum turning diameter: 3400 mm

X axis Travel: 2300 mm

Z axis Travel: 1200(1500) mm

W axis Travel: 1400 mm

Maximum loading weight: 22,000 KG

DV-3000 vertical machine center includes DV-3000-T and DV-3000-MT C-axis. Please contact us for details if you would like to inquire about it.



E:DV-4000 Vertical Lathe

Maximum turning diameter: 4400 mm

X axis Travel: 2800 mm

Z axis Travel: 1350(1500) mm

W axis Travel: 1700 mm

Maximum loading weight: 26,000 KG


DV-4000 vertical machine center includes DV-4000-T and DV-4000-MT C-axis; each one has particular specifications and features. All DK's vertical lathe machines are with standard equipments includes FANUC 0i-TD controller, heavy duty manual jaws (4 Jaws), tool box and others as the detail page describes.

DV-4000 series also have optional accessories for you to choose as your demands.



F:Sales Fields

We have sold our machines to different areas in the world and earned a good reputation including
- East Europe: Slovenia, Poland
- West Europe: France
- Asia: Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan
- America: Brazil, United States


G:Machine action movie

Please check the following YouTube hyperlink for more reference

Vertical Lathe







Double Column Machining Center








DK Machinery always tries to develop our machine to fit customers' requests. In the future, we will continue to stick with our goals. 
Now we would like to invite our partners to join us to create a win-win situation for both sides in the near future

Our Partners are most welcome to pay us a visit to see who we are and what we can do for them

Should you need more information?

Please feel free to contact us



Sincerely Yours

DK Machinery

Mr. Chen






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