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Miguel Alpendre

20 de julho de 2015

ZT machinery Taiwan--Your total solution supplier for the DIE-CASTING machine and the gravity casting machine; The Biggest and the Best.



Dear Sir:


This is ZT Machinery Marketing Team.

Nice to meet you.


ZT machinery; The biggest Die-casting machine manufacture from Taiwan., who can supply our partner the die-casting machine up to 3000 tons;

Not just the die-casting machines, but also the gravity casting machine.


Total Solutions Supplier for the Die-casting and Gravity Casting from Taiwan.



A: The Mould design development

 As long as our partners could offer us the drawings or samples, we could offer the moulds for our customers.


B: to the raw material selection.

  No material the Zinc alloy or the Aluminum alloy , Pure aluminum , A352.6, ADC6 or...etc. We could suggest the best appropriate one for our customers,


C: then the Melting project.

  To offer the appropriate melting equipments,

 Such as the gas furnace, diesel furnace, induction furnace, electricity furnace...etc.


D:Die-casting technique supply.

Die-casting machine from 100 Tons up to 3000 Tons.

Ladler, Extractor, Sprayer via robot arm,

Please check our video for reference.


Fully auto process with Robot Arm.






E: to the Subsequence process and surface treatment

 Burr treatment,

 Shot or sand blasting ,

 trituration with vibrating ,

 surface polishing,


 various machining processes...etc.

Please check the video for reference.



We do have the capability to fulfill your need in TURKEY Solutions fort the DIE-CASTING , Gravity casting.



Sales Fields and Cooperation Model( OEM service; Welcom)


So far we are looking for agent around the world,

We hope you are the right one we are looking for, not just being our agent for our cooperation model

We can even provide OEM service for you;



We hope you could arrange your business call to our company to see who we are and what we can do for you in the near future; we may discuss our cooperation in person



Should you need more information?

Please feel free to contact us

It will be our pleasure to reply you soon


Kindest Regards


ZT Machinery Taiwan, Marketing team.





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