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Miguel Alpendre

20 de novembro de 2012

PK Lathe Taiwan---The biggest and Best Quality Super Heavy Duty Lathe Manufacture (Cooperation wanted)

Hi, there


PK Lathe; the leader of the super heavy duty lathes manufacture in Taiwan who can supply you not just the slant bed lathe, but also the flat bed lathe


Super Heavy Duty Lathe Manufacture


We can offer you the super heavy duty flat bed lathe,

For example

16000 mm in centers CNC Flat bed Lathe (single bed)

Swing over bed up to 4000 mm

Spindle bore up to 1500 mm


As long as you have any super heavy duty CNC lathe inquiry

Definitely we can fulfill your need



PK Lathe Technology

PK Lathe; as a highly reputed manufacture of heavy duty lathe; designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy duty for you to choose from

At PK lathe, our engineers are dedicated to research and develop for purchasing the turning technology

In addition, our highly skilled technicians pay special attention throughout each step of lathe manufacturing

From parts machining and machine assembly to final running tests, each step is subject to rigorous quality control. So, no matter which model you select, your PK lathe will provide you unmatched performance, capacity and dependability


Guaranteed Performance


All PK lathes feature heavy duty rigid design and construction for years of superior accuracy and trouble free performance

Ruggedly constructed throughout assuring optimum stability; especially when duty lathe have own a good reputation in heavy duty cutting capability, stability and long-term accuracy; All these combined with PK lathe's tradition of rigorous quality , have established PK lathe as a leader in the field of heavy duty lathes


Features of our Machines

1.      60° and 45° for Slant bed series; slant bed construction to ensure maximum stability and convenient chip disposal

2.      Power spindle motor; High torque output at low speed to provide excellent heavy duty machining

3.      Fast tool change; in only less than one second

4.      Programmable tail stock for convenient operation

5.      Fully enclosed splash guard to provide operational safety

6.      Bed is made of Meehanite cast iron

7.      High precision ball screw to assure backlash free transmission

8.      Bed slide way are protected by telescopic guard

9.      Bed slide way are hardened , precision ground and coated with Turcite-B

10. Independent coolant system for spindle stock to ensure the working temperature stay in a stable range at high speed running

11. Optical scale on X, Z axis to ensure high positioning accuracy


Products series( Just for reference)

1.      Slant bed CNC lathe series

      Swing over bed: 700~1145 mm

Distance between centers: 700~5200 mm

Spindle bore: 5"~24"


2.      Flat bed CNC lathe series

      Swing over bed: 880~2040 mm

Distance between centers: 1500~12000

Spindle bore: 153~610 mm

Bed width: 560~1210 mm


3.      Conventional lathe series  

      Swing over bed: 430~2540 mm

Distance between centers:1000~12000 mm

Spindle bore: 83~610 mm



We do have the capability to fulfill your need in the super heavy duty CNC Lathe (Flat bed and Slant bed)


Please check the attachment to see our simple products brochure


Sales Fields and Cooperation Model( OEM service; Welcom)


So far we are looking for agent around the world, we hope you are the right one we are looking for, not just being our agent for our cooperation model

We can even provide OEM service for you; WELCOME


We hope you could arrange your business call to our company to see who we are and what we can do for you in the near future; we may discuss our cooperation in person


Should you need more information?

Please feel free to contact us

It will be our pleasure to reply you soon


Kindest Regards


Mr. Su-----International Sales Manager PK Lathe machinery Co., Ltd

E-Mail: manual-lathe@umail.hinet.net



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